We are a modern, yet traditional, family of five. We have long subscribe to the Weston A. Price foundation’s recommendations for parenting, lifestyle and especially food. This Blog is intended to share realworld experiences from a family that endeavored upon the GAPS protocol in February 2010 to help alleviate various food sensitivities for my wife, myself, and two of our children, and especially severe food allergies for our youngest child (eczema, hives, and you name it he was tested as allergic to it).

We started the protocol in earnest February 1, 2010 after having transitioned our diet over the preceding two months (eliminating processed foods, trans-fats, HFCS, and scaling back the grains). That first week of February, we began with the “Introductory” diet and our lives have not been the same since.

The journey thus far has been one of not only elimination, but also we have discovered inner strengths, previously underutilized resourcefulness and a willingness to question our notions about almost everything in our home lives. Through a combination of book-reading, blog following, podcast listening, church-going, and personal experimentation we have made it through the first year of what could take another year or more.

I fully acknowledge that we were not in any sort of emergency situation, but we made a tough choice to stray from conventional medicine (and conventional wisdom) to offer our children, and ourselves, a better quality of life. We have learned about many families that are in much worse circumstances than we find ourselves, but having gone through this process we learned a lot – and a lot we learned the hard way. By sharing back through this blog we hope to educate, encourage and enable any individuals or families that are considering GAPS or similar protocols.

What is GAPS?
The GAPS Diet addresses various forms of gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, and other autoimmune diseases. The diet was first described in the book Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. She was a neurosurgeon and learned that her child suffered from autism. Her own research into autistm led her to study in depth the nutritional relationship between the gut and psychological illness. Among other benefits, the GAPS diet has helped resolve food related allergies. That is how we discovered GAPS.


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