Phabulous Pho

Since starting GAPS we have long struggled to get enough bone broth. For one, it is tough to make with our busy work and activity schedule. Neither of us loves the task, especially the post-processing: it is messy and smelly and adds to an already heavy cleanup load (we cook three meals a day pretty much every day). Secondly, we just do not love the taste of bone broth – especially beef broth (though we know it is one of the most nourishing foods).

In an effort to bring some variety to our diet, we gave rice noodles a try. We experimented a few times with rice noodles in place of Italian pasta (yes we do zucchini fettuccini and spaghetti squash), but it just wasn’t that great. Rice noodles clumped up and just weren’t the same as traditional pasta (this was before we discovered there are rice pastas). Not long ago I remembered way back when we lived and worked in the city, I used to go for Pho with my co-workers. Broth, noodles, meat and vegetables…how GAPS (well, other than the noodles).

Soup night can be a bit of a downer with my kids. A little bit of Pinterest and blog surfing and I cobbled together a recipe that my family (kids included) loved! Sorry, no photos now but i will update this post with photos next time I make it.

One of the keys to this recipe is to do a good mise-en-place (prep everything before you start cooking). There are lots of thin strips that make this dish easier to eat with a spoon or chop sticks. Continue reading