Store-bought items that meet GAPS (or close enough) & GAPS Efficiency


Parsely, Chives, Kale

We are a family of 5 (Mom, Dad, three kids aged 2,5,8 when we started GAPS) and we are doing the GAPS thing as a family. We were previously following much of the Nourishing Traditions and Alice Water’s recommendations. GAPS seemed like a necessary step to help with my yound son’s multiple food allergies. As our kids grow, as do their extra-curricular activities (church choir, piano lessons, sports, and hobies). There are times when GAPS feels great- we have adjusted our eating and lifestyle to focus on gut health as much as possible, we lost some weight, feel good about our dollar-votes). Even though we often times neglect¬† the non-food lifestyle components of the protocol, we try to remain active outdoors and sleep as well as we can. But no doubt about it, GAPS is a lot of work compared to the standard American (or other developed countries that have similar habits) diet. It is not convenient. It takes planning,¬† careful shopping, and quite candidly a boatload of labor per meal. But we have reached a point (3.5 years in) where we have made certain choices to simplify things and occasionally that has meant purchasing store-bought items that are GAPS-compliant (or close enough). I will share in this post (and update over time) products we’ve tried, some items we use and tips for making GAPS more convenient. Sure there are times when we probably get more Omega 6 than optimal, but hey, we take fermented Cod Liver Oil so cut us some slack! Continue reading