Homemade Kim Chee!

If you are following the GAPS diet, you’ve probably read the recipes for lacto-fermented cabbage, or sauerkraut. But did you know you can ferment many different vegetables and receive the same beneficial yeasts and bacteria plus 50% of the RDA (if that rating agency matters) of vitamin C? In this post, I describe the step by step the process we go through to make our prefered ferment- Kimchee (aka Kimchi, Kim Chi, Kim Chee). Continue reading


The Best Allergy-free Pancakes EVER!

With the blend of allergies my son has, we have forsaken him access to anything with grains, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, refined sugar and other ingredients. While the rest of the family had been able to enjoy coconut waffles/pancakes (which are made with generous amounts of eggs and pastured butter), my son felt very left out. Mad searches for recipes led to numerous failed attempts to substitute ingredients and make a palatable pancake that actually had the structure and close texture to the pancake (he wanted to be able to pick them up and eat them with his hands like everyone else). So I began experimenting Continue reading

Meat Medley (universal seasoning)

We have long been followers of Alton Brown and his “Good Eats” program on the Food Network. Once we left behind the carbs and starches, it became increasingly difficult to follow Alton’s recipes. However his philosophy remains integral to our approach to home cooking. One point of his philosophy is “no uni-taskers!” What this means is that there should be no tool, equipment, or ingredient that is good for only one thing. Not only does this help avoid clutter in the kitchen, it keeps the mind dancing; to appreciate and use or reuse things instead of buying a gadget or mix that serves a single purpose.

With that in multipurpose in mind, I would like to share a favorite recipe for seasoning meat…any kind of meat… Continue reading