GAPS iPhone App (review)

gapailicious App Screenshot

Dining on the GAPS diet can at times be a challenge. Even after 20 months following the GAPS protocol, I still find myself questioning whether or not certain ingredients are acceptable or not…and if not, why not. There are numerous reasons why certain foods are on the unacceptable list: gut irritants, common allergens, promote disbiosis, or perhaps the sugars and starches feed bad bacteria and yeasts. In restaurants it is often hard to tell what specific ingredients go into the recipes and we’ve developed a discipline of asking if the menu card doesn’t spell out the types of oils, added sugars or other ingredients used. Still, there are those moments at the table when it would be nice to double check the acceptable list jsut to be sure, and if I need to make a compromise for a questionable ingredient, it would be nice to know what I should expect if I choose to consume something from the avoid list (I do not wish to discuss here the theory of 100% compliance).

When I saw the Gapilicious app advertised, I was ecstatic. No longer did I need to carry a folded up photocopy of the acceptable foods lists. I downloaded the app for $3.99 with the belief that $4 was a small price to pay for convenience and peace-of-mind. I was very hopeful that this app would help me have a ready utility for grocery shopping or dining out.

Here are my impressions after a couple months of carrying around the app

*good portable list for double checking what is allowed
*the app provides good insight to the GAPS stage at which foods can be safely introduced
*the user interface is very simple and intuitive

*no search ability, scroll list only. This limits how quickly one can find items on the lists
*no ability to filter compliant from non-compliant items
*very limited context as to why an item is compliant/non-compliant
*iPhone format, not iPad footprint

I was hopeful the app would provide me more content than what appeared in the charts in the GAPS and GAPS Guide books. However, I must admit that I have found the app lacking in extra content or usability features that make it better than carrying the paper list I referred to above. At $4, I simply cannot justify a recommendation that you buy this app (I am hopeful that the app will be enhanced)


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